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Los Angeles, CA 90038

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In consideration of the health of its clients and staff, Regen Projects is taking the utmost measures to maintain a safe and sanitary environment, including following city, state, and federal health guidelines. In accordance with these regulations, we kindly ask that visitors to the gallery maintain a safe physical distance from employees and other guests. Hand sanitizer will be provided, and high-touch surfaces will be cleaned following each visit. Exhibition materials are available via smartphone QR code.

Please do not come to the gallery if you have a fever, cough, or respiratory illness. Anyone exhibiting signs of illness will not be permitted entry. Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.




Shaun Caley Regen, President

Paige Greco, Executive Assistant to the President


Jennifer Loh, Senior Director
Bryan Barcena, Director
Stephanie Dudzinski, Director
Anthony Salvador, Director
Andy Cameron, Assistant to the Directors
Matthew Salazar, Assistant to the Directors


China Short, Director of Operations


Elizabeth Gartner, Communications Manager
Sebastian Zinn, Communications Assistant

Jose Luis G. Lopez, Photography and Media

Angel Alvarado, Assistant Archivist 

Ben Rivera, Director of Exhibitions
Patrick Foley, Chief Preparator
Tara Hadibrata, Chief Registrar
Lauren Skibiski, Registrar
Josh Villalobos, Preparator

Beatrice Petropoulos-White, Gallery Assistant


Inquiries: office@regenprojects.com

Sales: sales@regenprojects.com

Press: press@regenprojects.com



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