"Picture Industry"

Artforum, review by Noam Elcott

December 2017

"Picture Industry"

Art in America, review by Ariel Goldberg

November 2017

“Walead Beshty with Amy Ontiveros”

The Brooklyn Rail, interview by Amy Ontiveros

June 1, 2017

“Walead Beshty at Petzel”

Artforum, review by Jeffrey Kastner

Summer 2017

“Against Distinction: Photography and Legendary Psychasthenia”

October, writing by Walead Beshty

Fall 2016

"House of Games: A Look into the World of Walead Besthy"

Art + Auction, article by Maxwell Williams
January 2015

"Walead Beshty"

ArtReview, article by Helen Sumpter
January/February 2015

“Introduction: Toward an Aesthetics of Ethics”

Ethics, Documents of Contemporary Art, writing by Walead Beshty

“Lesson: Notes for an Introductory Lecture”

Akademie X: Lessons in Art + Life, writing by Walead Beshty


"The Story of O: Gesture in the Work of Laura Owens"

Laura Owens, writing by Walead Beshty

"Chance Encounters"

Architectural Digest, article by Jori Finkel

March 2014

“Improvisation and the Agency of the Commons: Notes on Counterfeiting as a Form of Radical Speech”

Reactivation: 9th Shanghai Biennale, writing by Walead Beshty


X-TRA, review by James Nisbet

Winter 2011

"Walead Beshty at Regen Projects"

Artforum, review by Jan Tumlir

September 2011

"Sensitive Material: How Walead Beshty Pushes the Boundaries of the Image"

Camera Austria, article by Jens Asthoff

September 2011

"Concreteness and Circumstance"

Art Papers, interview by Noah Simblist

March/April 2010

"Walead Beshty and Eileen Quinlan"

BOMB, interview by Eileen Quinlan

September 21, 2009

"The Pier Conversation"

Mousse, interview by Oliver Mosset

Summer 2009

"Popular Mechanics: Walead Beshty"

Art in America, review by Steve Pulimood

April 15, 2009

"Walead Beshty: Piece by Piece"

Aperture, article by Jan Tumlir

Fall 2008

"First Take: Walead Beshty"

Artforum, article by Joe Scanlan

January 2005

"Walead Beshty: Wallspace"

Artforum, review by JeffreyKastner

December 2004

"Rachel Harrison"

ArtReview, review by Walead Beshty

March 2005