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WOLFGANG TILLMANS : New Photographs. October 7 - November 4, 1995
LAWRENCE WEINER: Two site-specific projects. October 7 - November 30
Opening reception for Wolfgang Tillmans on Saturday October 7th, 6-8 pm

Regen Projects is pleased to announce a show of new photographs by the artist Wolfgang Tillmans in the gallery and a site-specific conceptual work in two locations by Lawrence Weiner.

Wolfgang Tillmans, a young German born photographer, is best known for capturing his generation in the margins of society. His photographs of European youth (through fashion photographs taken for i-D magazine, or images of the acid-house club scene or gay rights marches in which he and his friends participated) began in 1989 and explore the culture of his German, British, and now American contemporaries. Tillmans is particularly interested in the relations between the different parts of people's lives - the ways in which he and his friends live lives that are at once political, sexual, spiritual, and so on. His work makes no grand inflated claims to be revealing essential "truths" about particular groups of people, nor is he seeking to present individuals as representatives of larger social groups or constituencies.

His work has been exhibited internationally in galleries, and European museums. Three publications of Tillmans work are available: "Wolfgang Tillmans" published by Benedikt Taschen, a catalogue "Wolfgang Tillmans" published by the Kunsthalle Zurich in Switzerland, and "Wolfgang Tillmans" published by Portikus in Frankfurt, Germany.

Lawrence Weiner will present a new work with two site-specific locations. The first location will be located on a exterior courtyard wall of Regen Projects. The second will be located downtown near the Central Market and will be bilingual in Spanish and English. The exact location of the downtown piece will be announced at a later date.

Weiner began making work in the early sixties and pioneered much of the conceptual art movement. His notion that the conception of a work of art and its presentation through language as a sufficient means to render an art work resulted in a ground breaking approach to art and its presentation. Whereas the earlier works tended to be more art specific in a conceptual dialogue the newer works are often more lyrical and philosophical. Weiner has created site-specific work throughout the world.

Weiner's exhibition will run concurrently with MOCA's "1965-1975: RECONSIDERING THE OBJECT OF ART" in which he will participate. Also, Weiner will speak at MOCA's "Art Talks" on Sunday, October 29 at 3:00 pm.

For further information please contact Stuart Regen or Shaun Caley at the gallery.