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June 27 - August 1, 1998
Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11:00-5:00 PM

Regen Projects is pleased to announce an exhibition of recent sculpture by Liz Larner. This current exhibition consists of works not yet seen in the United States from Larner's exhibition at the Kunsthalle Basel.

The two works presented in this exhibition, Devex Yellow and 2 as 3 and some, go beyond the pictorial illusionism of Larner's earlier installations investigating the space of the art work and exploring how color and line in space can define forms which could not exist as pure volume. Both works bring painting into three-dimensional space, examining the tension between color and the armature which supports it. Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe describes 2 as 3 and some as "bringing together Hesse's grid with Lewitt's open cubes," however, in Larner's case, the "idea of surface need not be continuous with the idea bound up in the form which presents it." (Liz Larner. Kunsthalle Basel. 1997) Similarly, Devex Yellow, which consists of a wishbone-like shelf (devex meaning slope, hollow, or shelf) supporting a bundle of open shapes made up of line and color (wire wrapped in silk tissue painted yellow), is in fact a mass created from a group of voids.

In the catalogue accompanying the Kunsthalle Basel show, Catherine Liu writes,

"There is a level of sculptural abstraction that is produced by an artist's intervention-- an intervention that disrupts the very space of viewership itself. A sculptor once said that good sculpture should deny photography-- that is it should be unphotographable-- because it defies stasis and eludes capture, because its very presence in the space of representation makes the seizing of such space impossible for any technique of camera obscura. Larner's work engages in a project of disrupting the construction of the space of the art work and in the process challenges the viewer to enter the space of the exhibition in a different manner."

Born in 1960 and a graduate of Cal Arts, Larner lives and works in Los Angeles. Larner has exhibited extensively throughout Europe and in New York. Currently, Larner's new work is the focus of a solo exhibition at the MAK, Austrian Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna.

The opening reception for Liz Larner will take place on Saturday, June 27 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. For further information please contact Stuart Regen or Shaun Caley at the gallery.