Join Liz Larner on Friday, November 11, at 2 pm (in-person or online) for the panel discussion Futuring the Present: Proposals for Eco-social Futurisms, organized by the Orange County Museum of Art as part of the Sea Change Symposium.


When we talk about futures, whose futures and what kinds of futures are we imagining? Techno-futurisms, for example, might provide quick fixes to pressing issues, while allowing the structural conditions causing such issues to remain in place. Speculative futurisms are often oriented toward the grandiose nature of what-could-be yet might be too removed from the present to effect meaningful change. This panel invites a discussion of other kinds of alternative or nonlinear temporalities of becoming, including many Indigenous cultures that view the past, present, and future as occurring simultaneously, one temporal moment existing in close relation with the others. How might a reorientation toward that which-has-been and that-which-is provide equal, if not more insightful, approaches toward considering just environmental futures for the Pacific Ocean? What new and ancestral insights can artistic and curatorial engagements with these questions produce?


Please email Ziying Duan at to RSVP.