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Challenge of Failure and Confusion of Possibility


Texts by Anselm Frank, Robin Adèle Greeley, and Sunjung Kim.


In the frame of Abraham Cruzvillegas' first exhibition in Korea, Challenge of Failure and Confusion of Possibility brings together interviews, reflections and photographs from the artist's Autoconstrucción series. The book inlcudes texts by curator Anselm Frank, professor Robin Adèle Greeley and the director of the Samuso: Space for Contemporary Art, Sunjung Kim.
Abraham Cruzvillegas' exhibtion at the Art Sonje Center in Seoul compiled and resignified the conversations he's had with Korean professors, students and curators since 2010. In this publication the artist reflects on the animism in art, the differences between Buddhism and Confusionism, and even on the dialectics of the doppenlgänger, or the ghostly double of a live person - themes and ideas that have influenced the configuration of his work.


Published by Samuso