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Andrea Zittel: Between Art and Life


Published on the occasion of the artist’s first institutional solo show in Italy, Between Art and Life documents Andrea Zittel’s visionary experiments with the structures and design of everyday life. For the past two decades, Zittel has relentlessly advanced the role of art in streamlining our habitats and reclaiming civic agency through her handmade clothing, designed environments, recycling systems and breeding projects, Zittel wears her work, inhabits her work, eats her work and lives her work, and in the catalogue’s essay, Francesco Bonami describes Zittel as “one of the last utopian artists around. Utopia is a dying attitude. We are so wired in the now that it is almost impossible to free ourselves from our dystopian reality.” This book documents “A-Z West,” Zittel’s “Institute of Investigative Living,” launched by the artist in 1999 in the Joshua Tree Desert. Edited by Alberto Salvadori. Preface by Lapo Cianchi. Text by Francesco Bonami.

Published by Mousse Publishing