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Anish Kapoor: Uluru & Kata Tjuta Photographs

The powerful religious sites of Uluru and Kata Tjuta in the Northern Territory of Australia have been of deep interest to the British artist Anish Kapoor (born 1934) since he first visited them in the 1980s. At Uluru he found a landscape of monumental scale which contained intimate and ritually resonant sites.

On his visit in 1991, Kapoor noted in his sketchbook “a white bump on a white wall.” He later made the sculpture “When I Am Pregnant” (1992), describing it as “an object in a state of becoming.” The idea of the proto-object is central to Kapoor’s work. In 2012 Kapoor returned to Uluru and Kata Tjuta. These two photographic volumes trace his journey. They reveal through his eyes the artist’s preoccupation with form and preform, skin and surface in relation to deep interior.


Published by Steidl