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Printed on the occasion of Whirligig (Molinete), 2019, at Fundación Proa, this monograph features a conversation with Dan Graham as well as three essays by Graham. 


Designed especially for the foundation's courtyard by American conceptual artist Dan Graham, Whirligig (Molinete) is a circular, maze-like structure made of bidirectional mirrors that are reflective and transparent to varying degrees according to the conditions of the light, giving spectators the ability to observe each other as well as their surrounding environment. In such a way, the work transcends a simple art object, serving as an experiential space of play and interaction.


The catalogue is edited by Sandra Antelo Suárez with translations by Martín Gambarrota, Hugo Salas, Josefina Massot, Eva Quintana, and Jaime Arrambide. 


Published by Proa Publicaciones