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Daniel Richter: Paintings Then and Now provides a massive overview of Daniel Richter’s expressionistic subversions of history painting across three decades. The first thorough, chronological examination of the artistic career of Berlin-based painter Daniel Richter (born 1962), this nearly 500-page volume reproduces more than 200 paintings across three decades, in five detailed chapters.


Richter's large-scale oil paintings modernize German Expressionism with an energetic, brightly colored, and highly textured palette. “Contemporary culture has not only formed the basis of his thinking but has continually informed his works as they transcend elements that make up today's landscape,” Felicity Carter wrote in Forbes; “there's a nod to art history, mass media, politics and of course, the overriding theme of desire and sex.”


Edited with text by Eva Meyer-Hermann, with contributions by Verena Dengler, Roberto Ohrt, Cord Riechelmann, and Max Hollein.


Published by Hatje Cantz Verlag


$95 (ships June 2023)