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Daniel Richter: Hirn


Edited by Alexander Tolnay. Essay by Britta Schmitz.


Daniel Richter is one of those German artists who, in the second half of the 1990s, set off to conquer the international art world. He succeeded in doing so, even though--or perhaps because--this was a time dominated by new media and conceptual space installations. The “end of painting” was proclaimed once more, and yet Richter remained loyal to his medium. And so he has been celebrated as the new “prince of painting,” alongside fellow brush-and-canvas colleagues like Neo Rauch. Up until 2000, Daniel Richter painted abstract pictures exclusively, but his newer works show a surprising turn towards the figurative, blending a sophisticated use of color and composition with grotesque formal elements and art historic quotations. This large-format publication is the first to present Richter's drawings in full-color illustrations.


Published by Hatje Cantz