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Doug Aitken: New Era


American artist Doug Aitken is internationally recognized for his ambitious practice that incorporates objects, installations, photographs, and vast, multi-screen environments that envelop viewers within a kaleidoscope of moving imagery and sound. Based in Los Angeles, Aitken has realized museum projects around the world, as well as monumental interventions within the natural landscape and below the ocean’s surface. 


This beautifully designed book encompasses the breadth of Aitken’s artistic practice and is produced on the occasion of his survey at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) Australia. Edited by chief curator Rachel Kent, it features a series of in-depth interviews that provide fascinating insights into Aitken’s creative thinking and his wider engagement with the creative communities around him; and a series of image plates documenting his acclaimed museum works, landscape interventions, and live happenings. Informative and visually compelling, it is sure to be a favorite among Aitken’s collectors, as well as those interested in contemporary art.


Published by Thames & Hudson and MCA Australia