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Doug Aitken: Mirage


A site-specific installation successively exhibited in the California desert outside Palm Springs, a defunct Detroit bank, and the Alpine landscape of Gstaad, LA/New York–based artist Doug Aitken’s (born 1968) Mirage is inspired by the ranch-style suburban American house and is entirely composed of reflective mirrored surfaces. A visual echo-chamber, its mirrored surfaces form a life-size kaleidoscope that absorbs and reflects the landscape.


Dedicated to the three iterations of Mirage, this publication offers the reader an experiential book that shares some of the characteristics of the installation: the immersive emotion, the disrupted perception, the merging of the viewer and the landscape. The book gathers previously unpublished photo-documentation on the installations, plus drawings and more. Featuring cold foils, special inks, silver printing, and bound accordion-style to reflect the mirror-like quality of Mirage, this limited edition, copublished with Zolo Press, is certain to become a collectible item.


Edited by Arno Baudin, with text by Neville Wakefield and an interview with Doug Aitken.


Published by JRP|Editions and Zolo Press in collaboration with LUMA for Elevation 1049