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Elizabeth Peyton: Still life


This is the exhibition catalogue of Elizabeth Peyton’s exhibition held at the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art from January 21 to May 7, 2017, which marks the first major survey of her work in Japan. Peyton works primarily in painting, drawing and printmaking. She is best known for her portraits, whose subjects include figures from her own life and beyond it – close friends, historical personae, or icons of contemporary culture. Her portraits have regularly featured artists, writers, musicians and actors. In recent years, she has also subsumed the genres of cityscape, still-life and opera into her range of reference and inspiration. In the process, she has embraced and expounded a more expansive and abstract definition of portraiture. The resulting exhibition bears witness to the various genres and subjects which have come to define Peyton’s practice, and features many of the pivotal works in her career. In addition to the 42 featured works personally selected by the artist from across her 25-year career, the catalogue includes 16 pieces that did not appear in the exhibition. Interview with Masami Tsubouchi.



Published by Hara Museum of Contemporary Art