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Gillian Wearing: Living Proof


This catalogue accompanies the 2005 exhibition Gillian Wearing: Living Proof and includes a foreword by ACCA's Executive Director, Kay Campbell, and an essay by Juliana Engberg. Illustrated throughout with full colour reproductions.


The first major survey of works by renowned British artist, Gillian Wearing, was also her largest exhibition to date. ACCA worked with Gillian to create an exhibition that included some of her best known and most recent works. For the first time Australian audiences were able to see the entire set of Signs that say what you want them to say and not what other people want you to say, 2 into 1, the Turner prize project 10-16, and the astounding Family Album, Drunk and Snapshot, along with many other works.

Progression through the exhibition emphasised the strong element of portraiture and self observation that Wearing brings to her subjects, as well as her exploration of photography, film and TV documentary as ways of ‘fixing’ the subject. Sometimes harrowing, also humourous, Wearing’s works struck a particular chord for ACCA’s visitors.


Published by Australian Centre for Contemporary Art