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Hell's Bells - A Motion Picture Soundtrack 


A Film by John Bock 

Music by Kris Limbach 

Limited edition golden Vinyl (250pcs.) 




Side A: 


1. Coffin 

2. Duel 

3. Apparently Dead 

4. Checkmate of the Snail 

5. Para-Schizo Priest 

6. Cold Gold-Visage 

7. Interlude 

8. Bloody Bullet 


Side B:


1. Bordello I 

2. Silencio for a Dead Gaze 

3. Bordello II 

4. The Hair Bun 

5. Knitting Needle in the Eyeball 

6. Destroyer 

7. Cutting out the Tongue 

8. Black Iron 

9. Sick Chicken Surgery 

10. The Killing 

11. The Evil 

12. Show down Incl Happy End



"Starring leading German actors including Bibiana Beglau, Lars Eidinger, Frank Seppeler and Laurenz Leky, the feature-length work Hell’s Bells transforms the genre of the Western into a melodramatic and meandering story populated by allegorical characters. 


Hell’s Bell’s unfolds in a gloomy, nocturnal realm centring on an unnamed town. Bock tells the story of a stranger (Beglau) who arrives in town accompanied by a deaf child. The child influences the actions and fates of the other characters like a puppeter pulling invisible strings, steering the plot from within. Inflicting death out of sheer boredom and capriciousness, she symbolises mysterious malevolence, but is also a retributive power, using the figure of the stranger as a proxy or weapon for inflicting harm on other evil characters." (from Berlinische Galerie, Museum of Modern Art) 


Kris Limbach´s take on "Hell´s Bells" is of grotesque opulence and does not fear to render experimental noise and subtle insanity to erupt the shallowness of what could be a traditional score for a western movie. 


Vinyl Only Release 


All Music Composed And Performed by Kris Limbach 

Produced and Arranged by John Bock and Kris Limbach 

Graphics by Andreas Eberlein, Aroma Berlin 

Photos by Martin Sommer 

Hopek Quirin: Manipulated Bass 

Stephan Müller: Additional Guitars and Bass 

Rieko Okuda: Piano 

Agente Costura: Prepared Sewing Machine 

Hopek Quirin, Anton Mobin, Kris Limbach, Originally Released on emitter micro [EM003] 

Hopek Quirin & Kris Limbach: 21, originally released on AMP R.E.C.


Published by Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König and emitter micro