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John Bock: AuraAroma-Ω-Beule


Meaningfully meaningless. The augmented reality book for John Bock


The present volume not only contextualizes and documents John Bock’s work, but also immerses the viewer/reader directly in his performances. When a selected page is brought into focus with the new edition-cantz app, the image begins to move. The first edition cantz book with augmented reality, in which the artist’s head emerges and a filled rubber glove leaks out over the page. A completely new approach to the works of John Bock. The publication is packaged in a sock designed by the artist and includes a foreword by Johan Holten, a preface by Ulrike Widmaier Picasso and contributions by Sebastian Baden, Jens Hoffmann, Antonella Bianca Meloni, and Marianne Wagner & Till Wyler von Ballmoos.


Published by Edition Cantz