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Dead & Juicy - A Motion Picture Soundtrack 

A Film by John Bock 
Music by Kris Limbach 
Limited Silver Vinyl (250pcs.)


Side A: 

1. Barber in Outer Space (4:36) 
2. Time Slip (0:27) 
3. Aluminium Sculpture (2:40) 
4. Walking Definition I (1:12) 
5. Deep Red I (2:08) 
6. Nasal Hair in Hush-Silence (2:13) 
7. Dead + Juicy (1:09) 
8. Homicide (3:01) 
9. Walking Definition II (1:24) 

Side B: 

1. Cheap Trick of Death (2:48) 
2. Deep Red II (3:47) 
3. Enigma Double (1:18) 
4. Zoom-CRUSH (1:35) 
5. George, Martha and a Rat (3:37) 
6. Uncanny Overglove Warp (1:29) 
7. Quasi-ME (5:01) 

“I am not myself. I am the undefined, wicked desire.” 
—Ken (a character in John Bock’s film Dead + Juicy, 2017) 

"Through the intersection between object and moving image, Bock’s complex and deeply cinematic ethos emerges. At the same time, one shudders to think that somehow Bock’s alternate universe, in the context of our world today, perhaps makes complete sense." (From "The Contemporary Austin" ) 

For already more than a decade Kris Limbach composes sound and music for John Bocks´ movies, complementing his cinematic vision with scores of uncanny otherwordliness mixed with a fragile pre-civilized "dilettantism" and naivety from his noise- and experimental music background. 

"Dead & Juicy" touches many genres and is not afraid of fusing fieldrecordings, metal guitars, drones, "songs" and abstract electronic music into a dazzling and hypnotizing score.  


Vinyl Only Release 

All music performed by Kris Limbach. Additional guitars & fretless bass by Stephan Müller 
Produced and arranged by John Bock and Kris Limbach 
Graphics by Andreas Eberlein, aromaberlin 

Published by Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König and emitter micro