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Kader Attia. Les racines poussent aussi dans le béton


Published on the occasion of Kader Attia's exhibtion at MAC VAL, Vitry-sur-Seine, from April 14 through September 16, 2018. For this exhibition at the MAC VAL "Les racines poussent aussi dans le béton," Kader Attia has elaborated a reflection under the form of an initiatory journey around architecture and its relationship to the body. An exhibition conceived as an “intimate conversation with the MAC VAL audience” in order to “probe-together- the evils and the joys that structure life in the suburbs”. Having grown up in Gargeslès-Gonesse, he underlines the familiarity of the landscapes (architecture, population, public transports etc.) and his feeling to “come back home” every time he visits the MAC VAL.


Published by MACVAL Muséé d'art contemporain du Val-de Marne