Scott McFarland

Scott McFarland: Snow, Shacks, Streets, Shrubs


Includes an interview with Scott McFarland by James Welling, essay by Matthew Teitelbaum. 


Over the past dozen years, Toronto-based artist Scott McFarland (born 1975) has become one of the most prominent artists working with photography. His subtle manipulations of the photograph and use of tableau scale offer the viewer a new perspective on the photograph as a single moment in time. McFarland has expanded the subjects of his works in recent years from the large-scale tableaux gardens in Vancouver, for which he is perhaps best known, to winter scenes, cottage country outside the city and the urban street. Produced alongside Scott McFarland’s 2014 Art Gallery of Ontario exhibition, Scott McFarland: Snow, Shacks, Streets, Shrubs documents the artist's more recent work, much of which is previously unseen.


Published by Art Gallery of Ontario and Walther König