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Thomas D. Trummer; with contributions by Theaster Gates, Romi Crawford, and Thomas D. Trummer.


The transformation of everyday and urban detritus is one of Theaster Gates’ fundamental artistic strategies, one lending it a new utility as art. It is an approach that the works, some of which have been especially created for Kunsthaus Bregenz, encompassing sculptures and what are often large-scale installations, also adhere to. For the first time, elements of a collection that Edward J. Williams had assembled over many years and which Gate’s has titled »Negrobilia,« will be going on public display. The prominent banker’s aim was to remove these objects from the market and thus from any obvious visibility. Gates’ multilayered Black Archive and its critical engagement with social as well as political issues are addressed in the contribution by Romi Crawford. Thomas D. Trummer focuses on expound- ing Theaster Gates’ artistic concept underlying the exhibition in Bregenz. In addition, the artist-authored catalogue essay enables him to provide wide-ranging insights into his own artistic practice.


Published by Kunsthaus Bregenz and Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König