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How do images gain relevance? On the basis of the large-format drawings by artist Toba Khedoori, Monika Leisch-Kiesl’s study situates itself between semiotic and phenomenological theorems. The author investigates the specific qualities of drawing in an examination of the 1990s and 2000s and asks: How does an image become a sign? This permits, or even evokes a contextualization with various social and cultural correlations. The second question: How does a sign become an image? implies a specific form of attention. Jacques Derrida’s concept of brisure– “hinge,” as he introduced it in De la grammatologie–leads to a conversation between the images of Khedoori and the texts of Derrida and opens up an area of reflection “in the blank space of the inter-text” / “dans le blanc de l’entre-texte.”


Monika Leisch-Kiesl is an art historian, philosopher, and Professor of Art History and Aesthetics in Linz, Visiting Scholar in Basel.