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Willem de Rooij. Fong Leng. Sportswear


This publication shows the private collection of the artist of sportswear by the Dutch fashion designer Fong Leng. It allows the view of a mass commodity-supposed trivia-into groups, which are defined by label, color and pattern, and the references of individual elements are made visible to one another - as in an archive. Thus, some surfaces recur to patterns and colors of different cultural origins, such as Caucasian rugs or navajo blankets. Others focus on the sport between activity and the status symbol. Some prints and applications are reminiscent of North American quilts, or seem to go back to the Adire technique from Nigeria. 


A selection from this collection was recently shown at Le Consortium in Dijon and the MMK in Frankfurt am Main. Contributed by Stephanie Moisdon, Philipp Ekardt and Manfred Hermes, the work in contemporary discourse on fashion, gender and identity and the work of Willem de Rooij's. Edited by Willem de Rooij & Susanne Gaensheimer. Texts by Philipp Ekardt, Manfred Hermes, and Stephanie Moisdon.


Published by Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König