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Wolfgang Tillmans: Serpentine Gallery


Wolfgang Tillmans has been redefining photography and the way it is presented for over 20 years. From his seemingly casual images of people and objects in the early 1990s, reflecting the culture and identity politics of the time, to the deeper exploration of abstraction in his more recent work, pushing the boundaries and definitions of the photographic form. This catalogue, arranged and designed by Tillmans himself, brings together the whole range of his oeuvre in all its diversity: portrait, landscape, and still life photography alongside abstract and random pieces, colour-saturated works, and experiments with process, forming a kind of meta art work, with a rhythm and logic of its own. "I try to approximate the way I see the world, not in a linear order but as a multitude of parallel experiences. Multiple singularities, simultaneously accessible as they share the same space or room". This selection of works, presented here in full colour, often on doublepage spreads, includes many new pieces. The theoretical and historical context of Tillmans art are tackled in detailed essays by Michael Bracewell and Josef Strau and an interview with the artist by Julia Peyton-Jones and Hans Ulrich Obrist provides a fascinating insight into his life and work.


Published by Walther König